Hong Kong Vanity Plates – Part 1

I am aware that for the seasoned Hong Kong dweller, those vanity plates are part of the landscape. And yet for newcomers like me, they are a good source of amusement while roaming on the streets. For people who don’t know, it’s possible to customize your license plate in Hong Kong, as long as you can pay for it and respect all the rules (for instance the letter “o” is forbidden, who knows why). Here is the first batch of the ones I spotted here so far. Apologies for the picture quality, sometimes you need to be quick to catch them! It’s actually funnier than hunting pokemons.

Let’s start with something a bit mysterious. What did the owner want to say? Buy solar energy? Join the solar temple? Who knows…
This one is a bit more straightforward to understand…
Probably a musician. You will notice the letter “o” is actually the number 0.
I saw this one twice already. Wondering if the owner refers to the car or another girl…
This one is pretty hard to read (GGV) but illustrates how you can get creative with two lines. I even saw some emotes.
Another mysterious plate.



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