Mandatory first post

Hi everyone,

Exciting! New blog! Let’s see how long this one lasts. I plan on updating regularly stuff about my life: hiking, travelling, reading, gaming, and working. Yes I like working. As long as it’s for the right reason. Finding balance between everything is sometimes a bit complicated and I hope to share a couple of discoveries I made along the way.

Let’s start with a bit of geeky stuff. This website was at first a test site I created to try out several new concepts for me:

  • AWS/Google Cloud Platform for the infrastructure.
  • Sentora for mutli-sites management
  • Free SSL certificates through Let’s Encrypt
  • Buying exotic domain names through

The reasons behind? Easy peasy. I currently own an almost decent blog in French, but I’m not updating it anymore. However, I still want to keep it but it would have been too expensive with a regular web hosting plan. So I’d rather run Sentora on a ridiculously small instance in the cloud and manage everything myself.  It’s pretty great as I’m experiencing an insane performance bump compared to the previous hosting company.

In addition,  I might open up a couple of small website in the future, and now it’s almost free for me to do so, thanks to all the nice setup I have. Special thanks to Olivier (he will recognize himself) for helping me to sorting everything out.

So what do I want to write on this blog? I made a list that does not look very exhaustive:

  • Some recommendations about living in Taiwan. I’ve been here for a couple of years now, I do know a thing or two
  • My desperate tries at playing games while still having a full-time job and a semi social life
  • I will share a bunch of poorly taken and unoriginal pictures with my cellphone, for the entire world to discover where I’m going
  • Cool technologies I stumble upon

That’s more or less all. Feel free to leave some comments. I finally found a good plugin for that in WordPress.


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