Eating in Hong Kong – The Bib Gourmand Map

Since I’ve moved in in Hong Kong, it’s been pretty great from the food perspective. Overall good quality and – maybe the most important – choice! Whether you want some Cantonese, Italian, Indian, or even French cuisine, everything feels more or less correct. Two issues, however: price and locations. Eating out here is a bit expensive, especially if you’d like to try something with good ingredients and service. In addition, one can feel a bit lost in this city.

Luckily for me, the Michelin guide is here! If I disagree on a lot of their choices concerning stars in Asia, they provide another award called the Big Gourmand. Basically, it’s about places with great value. Be sure to check them, there is a wide variety of options. So far I tried a couple of them and I have to say none disappointed. A couple of examples: Indonesian Restaurant 1968, Bombays Dream (probably my favorite so far), CIAK All Day (still a bit expensive I have to say), or even Kam’s Roast Goose.  All of them are solid choices.

To help us to find our way, a friend of mine set up a map overlay with the 2017 locations and she agreed to have it shared it. It’s available at this link and it’s fairly easy to use if you feel hungry in Hong Kong. You can also check it directly below:

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