Hong Kong Vanity Plates – Part 2

In the previous article, I mentioned Hong Kong infamous vanity plates for cars. Since my office is in central, I have all the opportunities in the world to see more of them when I go back home or go out for lunch. Here is a new batch!


Combo! We have Kings in the first car and love fei in the second (hard to see)
Looks like a fan of Shrek. All is ogre now.
To quote a friend of mine on this one: “oh, the irony”.
Not sure what the owner meant here, but it is probably something deep.
Have I ever mentioned Hong Kong is a bit finance-oriented?
Maybe Wile E. Coyote will finally catch the Roadrunner with this car.
So apparently you can still love Ferrari supercars and cats at the same time
Found the French guy!
On the other hand, I found the traditional Chinese medicine guy!

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