Trip to Beijing – April 2019 – Food!

I was not expecting to eat so much in Beijing. Besides the obvious duck, there is a really strong Xinjiang cuisine presence there. Which happens to be one of my favourite Chinese food, even if it’s very different to what people usually have in mind. It’s an improbable mix between Middle East and Chinese food. If you don’t like lamb or cumin, this might not be the best option for you.

Beijing Duck! We went to try it at various restaurants, but this one stood up for their presentation skills.
People really like yogurts in Beijing. I tried one, was not very impressed.
Some fancy appetizers. The yellow thing is mustard cabbage, a Beijing specialty apparently.
The second wave of appetizers. Pretty good overall.
We involuntarily decided to splurge at a fancy imperial cuisine place. Fun story, there are two places with very similar names, but extremely different vibes and price tag. I still don’t really understand what I had for food.
Who would not like a bit of sea cucumber. It’s pricey and not very tasty. But that’s a staple dish in imperial cuisine. Apparently. Poor emperors.
Back to a more popular (and affordable) food: tofu noodles. The texture is pretty interesting, but overall it’s a fairly bland dish.
We went to a Muslim restaurant to try some mutton hot pot. It was pretty great. Shame I don’t have any better picture. I was too busy eating the thing.
Popular food there: cumin lamb, dumplings, and some fried balls? Not sure how to describe them. It was way too much food, but pretty good. Beijing weather can be cold during winter, that’s definitely a hearty meal.
Keeping the best for the last. This delicacy translates to “soy juice” and it’s some fermented soy. It smells really awful, but the taste is very mild. A very traditional Beijing breakfast, and definitely an acquired taste.

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